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Bromeliad Society International—

Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies—

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens—

Fairchild Tropical Gardens—

Save Florida's Native Bromeliads- The battle against the Mexican bromeliad weevil (evil weevil) and what is being done to preserve Florida's native bromeliads.

Tropiflora - Dennis and Linda Cathcart -

Jungle Gems—

Brilliant Bromeliads—

Bromeliads Galore—Bromeliads Galore on Facebook; 727-481-5962;

GardenWeb Glossary of Botanical Terms - A great search engine, currently contains 3700 terms relating to botany, gardening, horticulture and landscape architecture and is regularly updated.

UF/IFAS Extension: University of Fla. Information on Bromeliads: